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How Deals Got Done at the March ExitEvent Startup Social

Monday night was the 29th(!) ExitEvent Startup Social, and by 5:45 p.m. on what turned out to be an fantastic evening, weather-wise, entrepreneurs and investors started trickling in to FullSteam brewery in downtown Durham. A few were already there. For example, Craig Stone from Triangle Angel Partners had even taken the liberty of scheduling a couple meetings at FullSteam beforehand, and was chatting with Zenph’s Kirk Owen (formerly of Merscom and Playdom as well), when I arrived. It was Owen’s first Social. He said it won’t be his last. FullSteam turned out to be a great location — walking...

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Four Reasons Why Monday Might Be the Last ExitEvent Startup Social

If you’re an entrepreneur or an investor, I gently implore you to go here and RSVP for Monday’s ExitEvent Startup Social. And please show up, drink the free, locally-brewed craft beer, talk to your peers, and play or watch people play ping-pong for the glory of your or their startup. That’s really all you have to do. And it’s all free. And it could be the last time. Not really. But you never know. We are taking June off, there’s just too much going on next month in startup-land. So this will be the last one for a little...

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8 Reasons Why You Should Skip Monday Night's ExitEvent Startup Social

Update – this is about APRIL’S Social and does not apply completely to future Socials. For instance, May’s Social is not in a house and you may win something. Tickets Are in Ample Supply I just couldn’t generate enough buzz to get people all jittery that if they don’t register RIGHT NOW, they won’t get in. The truth is tickets are just not GOING FAST and they won’t RUN OUT SOON. I’m trying to find a velvet rope, but so far, all I have as a bungee cord. It’s Can-Miss I’m not going to try to convince you that...

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