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Tom Snyder

Crowdsourcing, governments & innovation: Acting ‘like a startup’ takes root in ‘smart cities’

Working to become a “smart” city isn’t new. What is new is the creativity to do things like have government teams go through a startup accelerator. Local government recognizes that there are far more opportunities to capture than can be solved with internal resources alone. Collaborative partnerships with innovators in the private and nonprofit sectors has emerged as a potent solution.

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Hardware’s power is on the rise – and your data is helping fuel the way

Today, before you begin to use a TV, a gaming system, voice assistants, music players and many smart appliances, you MUST first input personal information that can be used by the hardware manufacturer to tie device usage directly back to individuals. This gives the original equipment manufacturer the ability to track your usage, regardless of which content providers you work with. They have inserted themselves into the data collection chain. What’s this mean? Let’s take a look.

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