For 20 years, WRAL’s TechWire has been breaking the latest news on tech companies and startups in the Triangle and beyond. As the only technology-specific news publication in the Triangle, TechWire is honored to be your first source for the rise, fall, boom and bust cycles of the local tech scene.

And even after 20 years, we’re still looking for ways to revolutionize the way we bring you news.

Our New Initiatives

Keeping up with the rapidly evolving tech scene means our team and publication must keep pace alongside it. Through new initiatives and partnerships, we’re staying one step ahead of the Triangle’s steep growth curve — and keeping our audience in the know in the process.

Bio Jobs Hub

Powered by NCBiotech, the Bio Jobs Hub is the nerve center for biotechnology jobs and training across the state. The Jobs Hub features profiles on biotech careers, a directory of educational institutions and certifications and the latest job openings from major corporations and small startups.

Innovation Road Trip

First in flight, North Carolina has a long history of innovation. Innovation Road Trip shines a spotlight on the movers and shakers in our state, detailing how they’re pushing the needle of innovation forward and impacting global change on a local level.

Jobs Roundup

COVID-19 reshaped the tech landscape and heightened market demand. The Jobs Roundup is a weekly feature that keeps our readers posted on local job and internship opportunities, aggregating information on the latest openings, companies that are actively hiring and other local career resources.

WRAL TechWire LimeLight

Major promotions, internal shakeups, new positions — WRAL TechWire LimeLight gives the TechWire audience a chance to recognize professional achievements and updates. Put the spotlight on an employee, promote your business’ big news and follow along with the LimeLight-worthy news happening across the Triangle.

Gig East Exchange

Over the past few years, workplaces have looked a little different than usual. Wilson’s Gig East Exchange is a co-working hub that allows professionals and businesses to share innovative working space under the same roof — including the TechWire partner lounge. The Exchange also hosts summits and incubators dedicated to supporting startups and entrepreneurs.

Startup Guide

With a robust startup scene, the Triangle is a hot spot for emerging entrepreneurs. Our Startup Guide covers all the networks, accelerators, incubators, prototyping facilities, events and other resources that early-stage entrepreneurs in the Triangle can leverage for future success.

Editorial Packages

The JLL 'Future of Work' series: a multi-part, multi-media series in collaboration with WRAL TechWire investigating what’s happening in today’s economy, in the new world of work, where the region could see further growth and development, and on the future of the region, with in-depth looks at the office, industrial, and life science sectors.

The Innovate Raleigh series: a multi-part, multi-media series in collaboration with WRAL TechWire focused on identifying companies that could be the next big success stories in Raleigh and the Triangle.

Startup Spotlight: part of the Startup Monday package, these stories are focused on a specific emerging company that has the potential to have a significant impact in its targeted sector.

TechWire Triangle Jobs Report: an exclusive rundown sent out every Monday.

TechWire Events Calendar

Conferences, networking events, entrepreneurial competitions — the TechWire events calendar compiles all of the tech-related happenings in the Triangle and information on how to get involved.


New contributors: Marshall Brain, Grace Ueng, Steve Rao, Sarah Glova, Jess Averhart and Billy Warden

Growing list of guest contributors: Jim Verdonik and Benji Jones, Joe Procopio and Donald Thompson

A special shoutout to Jason Parker, WRAL TechWire tech reporter/editor, Shannon Cuthrell, calendar and Startup Guide editor and writer of the Jobs Roundup, and Abbey Slattery, senior copywriter for WRAL Digital Solutions and Capitol B Creative Studios.

Stay Connected

TechWire has been the Triangle’s go-to tech source for the last 20 years, and we hope to continue that trend for another 20. This platform is a labor of love, and we’re indebted to our growing audience and loyal partners, without whom we wouldn’t exist.