Update – this is about APRIL’S Social and does not apply completely to future Socials. For instance, May’s Social is not in a house and you may win something.

Tickets Are in Ample Supply

I just couldn’t generate enough buzz to get people all jittery that if they don’t register RIGHT NOW, they won’t get in. The truth is tickets are just not GOING FAST and they won’t RUN OUT SOON. I’m trying to find a velvet rope, but so far, all I have as a bungee cord.

It’s Can-Miss

I’m not going to try to convince you that this is the event of the year. It’s probably not even the event of the month. As a matter of fact, I think there’s something bigger going on the next night.

Absolutely No Celebrity Guests You’re Supposed to Have Heard Of

With my sphere of influence being what it is, I just could not wrangle anyone to come out and talk about that cool thing they did a long time ago or why they tweet a lot. Honestly? This is going to be wall to wall nobodies.

There Will Be No Speeches About 18-Month-Old Technology That I’ve Recently Discovered and Therefore Dubbed “The Future”

But I will argue with you about Bitcoins if I’ve had a couple.

No Hashtags

The kind of conversations that go on never break down into 140 character nuggets of wisdom. “How do you get more customers? Be the customer you want to make.” — Not happening.

There’s No Free Beer

Oh, wait. There’s totally free beer.

You’re Not Going to Win Anything

Yeah, there aren’t any prizes or swag. I’m about broke. Plus have you seen our logo? It looks like shit on a highlighter.

It’s Just Your Peers

Monday’s ExitEvent Startup Social will be the 17th overall, the 14th in Durham after two in Raleigh and the one in Charlotte last month. It’s not even at Bay 7 or Motorco. Would you believe it’s at someone’s house?

But that’s cool. We can call it the ExitEvent Startup House Party. No one has done that yet!

By the way, that also means you need to get verified and RSVP before Monday, because the location is going out in the reminder email Monday morning.

I often get asked for the secret to the Social. In context – how do I get the entrepreneurs to keep showing up and how do I get them to tweet and even write articles about it when they leave. It’s not like “That was cool, bro!” Its more like “Holy crap, I learned something tonight.”

The secret is there is no secret. I’m an entrepreneur, and despite conventional wisdom, I don’t go to a shit-ton of events. But I try to go to the right ones, the ones with value. Thus, I try to make the Social the event I’d most want to go to.

So if you are an entrepreneur, and if you’re vested in your success and the success of your peers, come on out. If you hate it, I’ll refund the price of the ticket.