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Rewriting the Code Shepherds College Women (Starting with Duke U) into Tech Careers

Somewhere along the way as female freshmen and sophomores take their necessary general education classes and prereqs, a direction for the future winds into their consciousness. A major is chosen, a summer internship is completed, four-year plans are set and, eventually, degrees are awarded. For women interested in computer science majors upon entering college, the chances are high during this period they’ll change their minds and pursue an alternative course of study and eventually, an entirely different career. High quit rates for women in computer science majors were calls for concern for Sue Harnett and Kimberly Jenkins, two women who’ve...

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Passion and Purpose: Duke Senior Creates Software for Homeless Shelters

“How can I use my skills to make a difference in my community?” This is a question Ashley Qian has been asking herself since she arrived at Duke University from New York three years ago. This past spring, she found her answer: Umbrella. Umbrella is an integrative computer software program that allows local homeless shelters to keep up-to-date records and also improve client outreach. What started as an idea at the 24-hour Duke Hackathon held on campus in March will soon become a real and helpful tool that social service agencies can use to better serve their needy clientele....

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WATCH: The Duke Prof Experiment That Kicked Off World Cup 2014

If you watched the opening ceremonies of the 2014 FIFA World Cup on June 12, then you couldn’t have missed the seemingly miraculous moment when a paraplegic wearing a robotic suit kicked the first soccer ball of one of the world’s most anticipated sporting events. It was the first time a paraplegic person has walked on his own using a device controlled entirely with his own brain, and in the days since, it’s given hope to the hundreds of thousands of people around the world confined to wheelchairs. The feat hits close to home for the Triangle. Much of...

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Duke Students Launch World’s First Free Mobile Lottery

Little effort. Free cash. That’s the promise of a new mobile app called Lotto 23 launched April 10 by a pair of Duke University juniors. Brandon Sassouni and Zachary Poddela (along with Sassouni’s childhood friend in New York, Arieh Movtady) believe they’re the first in the world to create a mobile lottery that doesn’t require the oversight of government. Its potential could be industry-changing—U.S. lottery ticket sales topped $78 billion in 2012 and more than 57 percent of the population bought at least one ticket. Globally, at least 100 countries have publicly-operated lotteries. Sassouni and Poddela figure if people...

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