RALEIGH – The Triangle ranked third in the nation in a new analysis conducted by LinkedIn that studied the hiring trends and job growth in technology positions in regions with more than 20,000 professionals.

The Triangle ranked one spot ahead of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and ranked behind Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Madison, Wisconsin.

To rank regions, LinkedIn looked at the rate of growth in proportion to total population size, in software engineering between December 2019 and May 2021.  Madison, in the top spot, had a 4.6% growth rate, and Denver, in the 10th spot, was “about break-even,” according to LinkedIn analysts.  The Triangle’s growth rate was not disclosed.

“Tech just keeps growing,” founder and CEO of ONEByte, Erica Emerson, is quoted in the publication, discussing Raleigh and the Triangle’s ecosystem.

One common factor for the cities that rated highly for resilience, said the LinkedIn analysts, is that the regions that experienced growth include colleges and universities with strong technical programs.

“Many of these metro areas benefit from hosting major universities with strong technical programs,” said George Anders, the author of the LinkedIn analysis.  “But they’re also catching a lift from the ways that the largest tech giants are spreading jobs across the country to a greater degree.

In Raleigh, and the Triangle more widely, the institutions of higher education really matter, said Brooks Raiford, president and CEO of the North Carolina Technology Association, NC TECH.  Add that Raleigh is a capital city, the Triangle has public school systems with strong reputations, which is an important factor for high-skill workers who also happen to have kids or plan to have children, said Raiford.

“The continued in-migration of talented workers who are seeking the quality of life benefits we have here, we really are well-positioned to retain the talent we produce and attract talent from elsewhere,” said Raiford.

“We hired 120 new Pendozers in Q1,” Pendo CEO and founder Todd Olson told WRAL TechWire in May.  “We are also getting record numbers of applications. We had over 18,000 applicants last quarter.”


Apple’s new campus will usher in big changes for Triangle work force, jobs – here’s how

North Carolina ranked fourth in the nation for technology job availability in a March report from CompTIA, and Raleigh ranked as the #10 city.  Then, Apple announced its campus, and Google began hiring for engineering talent, and tech talent continues to be in high demand for companies based in the Triangle or with a presence in the region, as reportedly, thousands of jobs are going unfilled in the Triangle. It’s a jobs conundrum, WRAL TechWire reported.

“We certainly aren’t having trouble drawing applicants, but certain positions are harder to fill than others,” said Olson.

Durham and Raleigh were also recently named among the top ten cities to launch a startup, according to a study conducted by WalletHub.