RALEIGH – Apple will build a new technology campus and create thousands of jobs in an agreement reached with the state of North Carolina early Monday.

The state’s Economic Investment Committee awarded Apple millions in tax incentives over a multi-year time span. Incentives are contingent on Apple meeting new job requirements. The tax package adds up to more than $845 million over 39 years. Total incentives including utilities add up to more than $958 million.

The tax incentive package is a record for North Carolina.

“Dollar-wise, this is the largest incentives package in state history. It clocks in at No. 2 looking at total jobs. Centene got $388 million from the JDIG program last year to establish its east coast in Charlotte,” according to WRAL reporter Travis Fain.

“But the salaries hardly compare. The Centene project was to average just over $100,000. Apple’s incentives call for an average salary of at least $133,520 to start with, growing to an average of about $187,000.​”

The campus will be constructed in Wake County, according to the EIC.

The jobs will offer a minimum average salary of $187,001 that Apple has agreed to after year 3 of the agreement, with a minimum salary of $168,301.

For years 1-3, the “minimum average salary” ​is $148,355, with a minimum salary of $133,520.

Positions will be primarily in artificial intelligence, machine learning and software engineering, according to information provided by the Department of Commerce and the EIC.

For years 1-3, the “minimum average salary” ​is $148,355, with a minimum salary of $133,520.

Apple expects to invest some $1 billion in the new campus.

Once complete, the campus will provide 1 million square feet of space.

Apple chose North Carolina over Ohio and some other states, according to the EIC.

The company also agreed to retain some 1,100 existing jobs across North Carolina.