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Meet Supercon’s 18-year-old assistant video game director

Let us introduce you to the 18-year-old – yes, 18 – assistant director of video gaming at Supercon. Marc Gonzalez started gaming at age 5, but what started as a hobby is quickly becoming a career. Who is he? Whats he like? What are his ambitions? Also, he explains why he believes Epic Games Fortnite is such a big hit,

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It’s Fortnite fever! Pop culture phenomenon takes over Supercon day 2

Fornite fever has officially hit Supercon. That’s not all that rocked Raleigh on Saturday. Autographs. Panel talks. Tons of the latest tech pop culture. But let’s start with Fortnite, the free game that has become so popular with more than 120 million players worldwide that sales of “skins” anc accessories for players has made Cary-based Epic Games an $8 billion company and its CEO and founder Tim Sweeney a billionaire

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Supercon prep: Bridging pop culture divide with my Gen Z son via Fortnite

Chantal Allam, who is a free-lance writer contributing to WRAL TechWire, will be going to Supercon in Raleigh this weekend. TechWire asked her check out the event and its pop culture connections such as the video game rage know as Fortnite from Epic Games. Chantal writes how she tries to bridge the generational divide one Fortnite session at a time.

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