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Five People You Want to Seek Out at Monday's ExitEvent Startup Social

Hard to believe that we’re coming up on Startup Social #29 on Monday (March 24th). What started as a little get-together that got out of hand turned into a… larger get together that’s still pretty much out of hand. But even with all that history and all the noise that I’ve made about the value of the Social over the last three years, the message still doesn’t get as far as I’d like. No agenda? No speeches? No name tags? “Well, what the hell do you do there?” The uniqueness of the Social is the fact that you can...

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Pivoting Surgically

I’m going to level with you. I scrapped today’s ExitEvent article, which happened to be a very easy article about a startup thing that’s coming up that I’m actually quite a fan of. I know the thing and its creator really well, and we just had coffee the other day, so I had a lot to say. It would have been informative and, if I did my job, you might have even laughed your ass off at some point. I sat down to write it and I just wanted to blow my brains out. Figuratively, not literally. This isn’t...

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Southern Capitol Ventures Entrepreneurs Series Recap

How do I know that Entrepreneurs Series was worth it? A) I was there at 7:30 in the morning.B) I took five pages of notes.C) I learned something. When all those extraordinary things happen in the same room at the same time, it’s a safe bet you’ve got yourself an information-packed gathering. Jason Caplain and David Jones from Southern Capitol Ventures have been doing these for a few years now, and they’re getting bigger and fancier, with loftier guests and broader topics. They had around 200 attendees at Brier Creek Country Club (I wore slacks!), double the normal size....

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