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The Gear 2 Won't Revolutionize Smart Watches, But There's Always Next Rev

I’m excited about wearables. I’m pretty much a fitness and a self-improvement nut, I’m a data fanatic, and I see a huge future in the Quantified Self and the Internet of Things. Unfortunately, however, I can sum up my review of the original Samsung Galaxy Gear in six words. I wouldn’t wear it all day. Thus, this marvelous piece of equipment is relegated to niche. To be honest, my six-year-old got more use out of it than I did, as the most expensive spy toy he’s ever been allowed to hold. And when I read articles like this one...

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Here Comes the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Did I ever tell you I had one of the very first smartphones? Those were the days. It was all stylus and dock sync, and best of all, no twerking. Back in the 1990s, I had a Cassiopeia. From Casio, that pillar of computing technology and shitty keyboards. And based on the fact that I still need help spelling Cassiopeia every time, you can tell that this was an era before technology makers learned about product naming and brand awareness. I’m looking at you, Wang. The Cassiopeia was a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) from the Microsoft Pocket PC line...

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