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Fake News

Facebook: We won’t allow users to profit from fake news and violence

Facebook is making it harder to profit off of smut, vice and fake news. The social media platform promised Wednesday to keep ads off content and videos that feature graphic images, nudity, violence or adult language. It also said that users who repeatedly post fake news may not be allowed to make money on the site. The new rules should help assure companies that their ads will not appear alongside objectionable material. But it also puts Facebook in the position of deciding whether specific pages and videos are offensive. The move could help Facebook to avoid problems that have...

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Facebook steps up fake news fight with ‘Related Articles’

Facebook is continuing its quest to crack down on fake news. The social network on Thursday began rolling out “Related Articles” that provide additional perspectives and information on stories shared on News Feeds. These articles will appear below the link for topics many users are talking about on Facebook. They will also include articles fact-checked by third-party sites such as Snopes and PolitiFact, which employ editors. Related stories intend to help users think twice about whether a story is true. Last year, Facebook was widely criticized for letting fake news stories go viral during the U.S. presidential election. Since...

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