doomsday | WRAL TechWire - Part 7


Guns & doomsday: How can we reduce mass shootings and deaths?

In my continuing series about “Doomsday,” the goal of this article is to take a set of laws that already exist – laws that people in America accept and follow and take for granted in other parts of our lives every day – and simply apply them in the same way to guns. What might this approach look like?

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A doomsday scenario is unfolding in Ukraine – and we’re watching via live stream

To thoughtful humans, the entire affair feels like an indictment of the human species. On the one hand, one part of the human species started the war and all its destruction for no reason. And then on the other hand the rest of the human species seems to stand by and refuses to stop the war, even though they could. In the year 2022, why is this doomsday scenario happening at all?

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