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cost per lead

Startup Marketing Success Begins With Understanding Your Funnel Math

Entrepreneurs are an optimistic bunch. We ignore what most people look at as impossible challenges and see problems that have solutions. We believe. And work hard. We find a way to make it happen. But that doesn’t mean that a young company trying to take its great idea to market is a pretty thing to watch. Finding product market fit is difficult even for seasoned marketers. Worse yet, startups regularly struggle to understand how to properly invest in customer acquisition and retention. Why? Because too few of us have calculated our sales funnel math. The Secret To Marketing Success...

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If Advertising Your Early-Stage Startup is a Bad Idea, Then What’s a Good One?

A few weeks ago I spent a good six hundred words bitching about how advertising your early-stage startup is a terrible idea. Surprisingly, I only heard one “you’re an idiot” in response via Twitter, but it was a well taken point. If advertising your early-stage company is a bad idea, then what are the good ideas? OK, I’ll bite. Here’s my thoughts: Establish a baseline. As an early-stage company you have no idea who your real customers are, why they will buy or how they’re going to behave. You have some vague ideas – really, hypotheses – but you...

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