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Jim Roberts: ‘Coastal corridor’ paying off; Wilmington-area startups see investment in connected devices, life sciences

As the Wilmington innovation and startup ecosystem evolves and matures, new connections with statewide organizations are paying off for regional startups with connected devices for the emerging life sciences industry sector at the coast. The participating Wilmington startups have received grants, investments, awards, press coverage and validation from these...

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I Predict A Riot

Wednesday night, more than 70 Internet of Things enthusiasts turned out for the first Raleigh Internet of Things Meetup [RIoT] at our StepLeader office in downtown Raleigh. To accommodate that many people, we physically disassembled walls in our office. The crowd did not disappoint. The standing-room only crowd witnessed four 5-minute introductions from companies in differing industries and at various stages of development. Scott Moody of K4Connect shared his startup’s vision to standardize the communication protocols of the IoT space, the team’s relentless and exclusive focus on product development and the reason they hired a Norwegian super yacht designer...

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Internet of Things Enthusiasts Unite and RIoT

Matthew Davis spends his working day at StepLeader, where he works on product and marketing. I’m incredibly lucky to work at a company that isn’t afraid to try new things. Ever since StepLeader started building apps for the old school clamshell phones back in 2004, we experimented with new mobile tech. The drive behind this experimentation is a belief that mobile should be easy, relevant and incredibly personal. Isn’t that the promised-land of mobile? The computer in your pocket, on your wrist, or stuck on your face gives you exactly what you need, when you need it most. Right?...

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The Death and Quiet Rebirth of Internet Anonymity

About 15 years ago, I made the conscious decision to never put anything on the Internet that I wouldn’t want my mom, boss, or mistress to read. And I’ve got to say, with one or two minor exceptions, an F-bomb here or there, all these years later I’m pretty clean. Believe me, I’m no saint, and I’m as frustrated as you. There’s literally a dozen times in any given week when I want to spout off on something, against something, or take down some douchebag on some comments section or social network somewhere. But I know we’re all traceable...

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