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Scot Wingo’s 2017 List of Triangle “Tweeners”

Welcome to the 2017 Tweener list. 2016 was busy in the land of the Tweeners. Here are some highlights: Definition of Triangle Tweener Triangle Tweeners are companies based out of the Triangle with at least $1M in sales or 10 people. They generally are technology companies (mostly around software)...

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Fostering Innovation at the American Underground Hack-A-Thon

If you’re a creator of any type, you know the feeling. That magic moment when disparate points of view, mistakes and sidetracked efforts coalesce into something wonderful. Like when a guitarist in a band plays a killer riff during practice and the bass and drums fall into a hook that no one in the room can get out of their head. Its the kind of feeling that creators and entrepreneurs live for. Its also the kind of feeling that Kristian Bouw, CEO of Thryv, is facilitating with the American Underground Hack-A-Thon on Saturday March 2nd. For those of you...

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It's an Honor Just to be Nominated

Look, I’m not kidding around here. I’m officially lobbying hard for your vote for me as Yardmaster (Driving regional development and/or a type of technology) in the first ever WRAL Tech Wire Full Steam Ahead Awards. I need to win this. My ego demands it. So vote for me, and if you don’t have a vote, email the Tech Wire and let’s take this thing viral. Come on, who am I kidding? I’m in the “Group of Death” with Jim Whitehurst, Jason Caplain, and Jim Goodmon (and since he owns the Tech Wire I figure I can lobby my...

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