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racial equality

NC IDEA spells out aggressive agenda for Black Entrepreneurship Council

NC IDEA recently announced the formation of the North Carolina Black Entrepreneurship Council, which will  lead NC IDEA in its programmatic and grant making ambitions to address the challenges of Black entrepreneurship in North Carolina, according to the organization’s website.  And the agenda received a lot of attention during the NC IDEA forum this week.

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How do we ‘reset’ ecosystems? Empathy and equality are crucial, says Fed official

The second day of the NC IDEA Summit focused on how to “reset” ecosystems to optimize economic recovery. “Every community has the right to prosper in our economy,”  said Thom Ruhe, NC IDEA’s CEO. “So today, we focus on how we reset. To help communities become economically dynamic and vibrant.” Here are ideas about what to do – with an emphasis on empathy and equality.

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