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Inside crypto’s colossal collapse: Experts discuss what triggered $60B loss in market cap

The crypto market was back in the headlines in early May as the cryptocurrency stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) broke its peg to the U.S. dollar. UST was an algorithmic stablecoin of the Terra blockchain, which used arbitrage with its sister cryptocurrency, Luna, to maintain UST’s value. The collapse of both led to a loss of nearly $60 billion in market capitalization from the two coins.  Experts talk with UNC-s Kenan Instititue about what happened, why, and what’s next.

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Winston-Salem startup Fluree emerging as a pacesetter in Web3

“Mainstream adoption of Web3 — the decentralized Internet of data — is on the horizon. As the rise of data ecosystems are met with privacy, trust and interoperability challenges, Fluree is uniquely poised to become the infrastructure of choice in the emerging Web3 market,” says Dan Malven, Managing Director at 4490 Ventures.

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