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Adam Klein

Startup Stampede shows that today, every company is a tech company

The nine startup companies that presented at the Startup Stampede in Durham Monday included companies developing and selling consumer products, salad dressing, pasta sauce, clothing, toys, cosmetics, and alcohol. Yet they all had a technology component. “Our view is that more and more, every company is a technology company,”...

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Why You Should Have Seen the Google Tech Hub at American Underground Coming

You’ve heard a lot about Google events in the Triangle over the last several months. Wait. What? Yeah. You have. You just may not know it. Google for Entrepreneurs is a sort of ad-hoc collection of programs and resources supported by Google in its various forms. Most recently, I told you about NEXT, the series of classes for reality-stage startups that focuses on customer acquisition. It’s a Steve Blank methodology, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. It was actually right there in the logo, so you only have yourself to blame if you missed the connection to big search. NEXT...

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Startup Stampede III

For as long as I’ve known Adam Klein at the Durham Chamber, I’ve heard important people say nice things about him. I’ve documented my jealousy quite clearly in previous articles, acutely disguised as admiration. Startup Stampede came out of the Durham Chamber back in March of 2011, and offered free space, some infrastructure help, and (the key component) advice and mentoring from local successful entrepreneurs and service providers. It was a homegrown effort and worked with very early stage startups. The second Stampede built on the first and, thanks to a broader application pool, worked with companies a little...

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