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Have a Green Technology? Here’s a Reason to Build it in Asheville.

Green and granola might be common ways to describe residents of Asheville. But reality is that sustainability and the natural environment actually drive the economy in North Carolina’s largest mountain town. And that’s why a team of entrepreneurs, educators and investors believe it’s the best place for the nation’s premiere green tech accelerator. Launching late this year or early next is a new three-month startup accelerator program sponsored by the Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College (A-B Tech) and the Greenville, S.C. The Iron Yard (which is also opening a code school with Smashing Boxes in Durham). Organizers hope that entrepreneurs from...

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Childhood Friends Give Up Law and Consulting to Launch the ‘Spotify for Spoken Word’

Alex Carter is one of those guys that soaks up knowledge, and he wants as many ways as possible to discover new podcasts, talks, radio shows and recordings to serve it to him. But discovering that kind of audio has never been easy despite the plethora of content available on the web and through iTunes. Without knowing a person giving a talk or the name of a show, it’s impossible to find relevant recordings without a lot of effort. That’s the problem Carter (pictured left) and his lifelong friend and former NC State classmate Michael Crouch (right) are trying...

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Four Startup Lessons in Four Months

Elliott Hauser is the founder of Coursefork, a group of university and online educators building open teaching tools. Coursefork were winners of Triangle Startup Weekend – EDU in March 2013 and were accepted into The Startup Factory in August 2013 At the most recent Triangle Startup Weekend, we were graciously invited to give an update on how we’d fared since winning the event in March. I, of course, gave a mini version of our pitch (because as a CEO you’re ALWAYS pitching), but at the end I shared four lessons we’ve learned. It’s been about four months since we...

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