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how to build a startup

Growing Her Startup Meant Buying, and then Selling, Her Home

ExitEvent has written about Porowski before. She’s known for taking big risks—abandoning a promising career in social media analytics at the prestigious SAS to start the company that allows social list-making and list-sharing. She raised $300,000 from friends and family in 2012 and 2013, and that helped her hire a team of now six who work out of an office in Durham. In recent months, she’s made a big marketing push, partnering with bloggers and other online personalities to write and share lists. In April, the site reached 25,000 users, with average time on site of 4 minutes and...

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For Startups, By Startups

Three reasons I know the ExitEvent Startup Social is still valuable, taken from the August 19th Social, our 20th, which is ancient in startup years. For one, the CD that was playing (yes — it’s a mix CD, old school) glitched and, based on where it froze, no one realized the music had stopped for almost an hour. Me included. That’s how loud and unbroken the conversation in the room was. The kegs were kicked around 8:30, people stayed. We shoved everyone out of the building at 9:00, people stayed. As I was leaving the parking lot after cleaning...

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