The NC Technology Association (NC TECH) and MetLife on Monday announced the  establishment of the NC TECH | MetLife Center for Technology Workforce Innovation.

The center will serve as a hub for the  state’s tech employers and employees providing resources, thought leadership and collaboration with  the overarching goal of fostering growth and vitality in North Carolina’s technology sector.

North Carolina is one of the fastest-growing states for technology innovation. More than 293,000 people  work in tech jobs, and the industry delivers an economic impact of more than $47 billion. With generative  AI and other emerging technologies as a backdrop, the industry is as dynamic as ever.

The Center for Technology Workforce Innovation leverages the strengths of both MetLife and NC TECH.  MetLife’s global technology hub, located in Cary, NC, and employing 2,600 individuals, contributes to the  wealth of knowledge housed within the Center, while NC TECH, as the primary voice of the technology  industry in the state, underscores its commitment to advancing tech talent and workforce development  initiatives.

“MetLife has been an active member and supporter of NC TECH since the establishment of their global  technology hub in North Carolina in 2015,” said Brooks Raiford, CEO of NC TECH. “They have become one  of the region’s largest tech employers, and we are excited about the long-term impact of MetLife’s  partnership,” he added.

“NC TECH has long been the voice for the North Carolina technology community and has championed  growth in the region,” said Bill Pappas, MetLife’s head of global technology and operations. “At MetLife,  we put our customers and the communities we serve at the center of everything we do, and this  partnership is one way we are supporting the vibrant tech community in our great state while fostering  thought leadership and innovation that extends far beyond.”