GREENSBORO – The so-called “Overture Superfactory” for the building of faster than the speed of sound passenger jets for Boom Supersonic is taking shape, its basic steel infrastructure having now been erected.

So says Boom in its latest update about the massive facility being built near Piedmont Triad International Airport.

“The Overture Superfactory, the final assembly line for Overture [airliners], is on pace for completion in 2024,” the company says.

“The Superfactory is where Overture will first roll off the assembly line and begin flight tests. We will have capacity to produce up to 33 Overtures on the first assembly line,” Boom adds.

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Ground was broken in January.

“[T]he foundations and decking are complete, and the steel trusses and beams that will serve as the backbone of the structure are erected,” Boom adds.

The building will cover 150,000 square feet and have another 24,000 square feet of office space, according to Aviation Week.

First aircraft rollout could occur as soon as 2026, the magazine adds.

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