GREENSBORO – Boom Supersonic is moving ever closer to a first flight for its experimental XB-1 aircraft as it continues to progress toward building supersonic passenger jets at its plant in the Triad.

Tweeted Boom on Thursday:

“The recent progress made towards XB-1’s first flight reflects the team’s collective efforts to build and safely fly the world’s first independently developed supersonic jet,” said Blake Scholl, Boom Supersonic’s founder and CEO.

What’s the importance of this achievement?

“Configured with three afterburning General Electric J85-15s, the slender delta-winged XB-1 is intended to pave the way for Boom’s full-scale Mach 1.7 Overture airliner by proving out design processes, engineering software, digital modeling, production methods and flight-test procedures,” AviationWeek reports.

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