RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – IBM, Google, Amazon and Nvidia are all participating in a whopping $235 million funding round for artificial intelligence platform Hugging Face.  Why did IBM join in?

The deal values the emerging AI star at more than $4 billion, according to CNBC.

“The additional funding will further strengthen Hugging Face’s position as the leading open-source and open science artificial intelligence platform,” IBM says.

Hugging Face is no stranger to Big Blue.

“IBM and Hugging Face recently announced a collaboration on watsonx, IBM’s generative AI platform, to help enterprises build, deploy and customize foundation models across multiple domains,” IBM points out.

“Within watsonx, AI builders can leverage models from IBM and the Hugging Face community, which are pre-trained to support a range of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks including question answering, content generation and summarization, text classification and extraction.”

For more, read the full announcement online.