Has the explosive growth of Cary-based Epic Games’ Fortnite hit its peak, or just in summer doldrums? Superdata Research, which tracks digital media and game metrics, says Fortnite revenue grew only 2 percent from June to July.

That’s after posting 71 percent growth from February to March, and 32 percent growth from March to April. The decline in growth is despite Fortnite’s release of Season 5 this summer.

The game, free to play, already passed the $1 billion mark in in-game sales.

Also, Twitch, the online live streaming video platform owned by Amazon that lets viewers watch games being played, said Fortnite slipped out  of the number one spot. Its Fortnite viewer chart shows a deep dip in August from an average of 222,902 viewers to 78,000 Wednesday, August 23.

The massively popular game made a billionaire of its the founder of Epic Games and kicked the company into new revenue territory. Some game analysts have suggested that Fortnite may just be in a summer slump as its relatively young players are on vacation or actually going outside. If so, its numbers may rebound in September.

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