Consumers are downloading mobile apps at double the rate of years past and making more in-app purchases, according to a new study from Synchony.

The Synchrony 2018 Digital Study found that 67 percent of consumers have downloaded a retailer’s app. More than half did so specifically for a coupon or discount offer. But consumers are using the apps to read product reviews, browse and find stores as well.

Maya Mikhailov, chief marketing officer of GPShopper, a developer of mobile apps acquired by Synchrony last year, said in a statement, “Consumers that use retail mobile apps are a retailer’s top shoppers. As such, they want their apps tailored to their unique shopping experiences and preferences.”

Other findings from the study:

  • Consumers on average regularly use four retail apps, up from two in 2017.
  • Most, 60 percent, browse for products.
  • Half access coupons.
  • Just under half, 49 percent, make purchases.
  • Consumers delete apps to increase storage space on a device, after shopping less with a retailer, or due to a poor experience.

The full study also looks at digital wallets and smart speaker use.