Citrix will continue to hire in Raleigh to drive changes in its ShareFile operations even though the company is making job cuts across its global operations, a spokesperson says.

Citrix spokesperson Eric Armstrong told WRAL TechWire that the new jobs will be added based in part on the performance of the ShareFile team, which is based in Raleigh. Citrix acquired ShareFile in 2011 from Raleigh entrepreneur Jesse Lipson in 2011. Lipson left Citrix earlier this year.

Armstrong said the hiring is part of “accelerated transformation” of Citrix to subscription/cloud-based products with more emphasis on larger enterprise customers from small- and medium-size firms.

“[O[ur focus in Raleigh hiring will be in corporate, global roles that help drive that transformation,” Armstrong explained.

“The ShareFile team in Raleigh has proven cloud operations skills and capabilities to accelerate our transformation. As such, we have short term hiring plans in Raleigh to build out those type of cross-Citrix functions – all critical to our cloud transformation success.”

Citrix last December said it would be adding 400 jobs in Raleigh. How the layoffs and the “transformation” efforts will impact that number is not clear. The firm already has several hundred workers in Raleigh but not all are focused on ShareFile.

“While some of that hiring is immediate, specific numbers and timing overtime depends on customer adoption of our cloud offerings,” Armstrong said. .