Hoganas, a global company focusing on the use of metal powers for industrial and environmental applications, is opening a lab in Cary and plans to hire as many as 100 workers.

Some 15 employees at a Hoganas facility in Pennsylvania are being moved to Cary.

The company has recently begun recruiting for open positions.

Avinash Gore, the president of Business Area Environmental at Höganäs AB, is among the firm’s employees relocating to Cary.

“Eight new employees have joined the international team at the RTP facility, and further recruitment will follow with plans to hire approximately 100 employees over the next two years,” the company said in the lab announcement.

Gore explained that the firm picked Cary for a variety of reasons, including what the firm called “the breadth of environmental research taking place in the area.”

“With premier universities and a wealth of industry-leading R&D in pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other environmental sciences, there is a remarkable pool of talent and expertise here that few areas of the country can match,” Gore said.

According to the company, it has:

  • 2,500 customers in 75 countries
  • Produces more than 1,500 products, mostly customer specific
  • Operates 13 production centers
  • Been awarded some 700 patents
  • Has 1,800 employees
  • Was established in 1797 as a coal mining company

The company says its “products make machine parts more durable and efficient, reduce waste in manufacturing through innovations in 3D printing, and make water and soil cleaner and safer.”

In water treatments, Hoganas has patented products and processes to use proprietary metal power technology that remove contaminants from water.

  • VIDEO: Watch a report about Hoganas at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imdUC26JheM