In a detailed statement, Citrix spokesperson Eric Armstrong provides the reasons for the layoffs now hitting Citrix around the world.

The full text of the explanation as provided to WRAL TechWire early Tuesday:

“Citrix recently signaled its intent to accelerate the company’s transformation to a subscription/cloud-based business model, and to invest in the high-growth initiatives that will drive our next phase of growth. It is anticipated that the shift to the cloud will only pick up speed, and to accomplish the company’s goals, Citrix is rebalancing investments and winding down certain products.

“As it relates to ShareFile, we are repositioning and optimizing ShareFile for the enterprise market to better align and leverage Citrix’s broader go-to-market motions and resources, including our 100,000+ strong large enterprise customer installed base; accelerate development of differentiated functionality for ShareFile Enterprise; and enhance integration and leverage of content collaboration as a differentiated component of Citrix Workspace Service. This allows us to more effectively drive ShareFile growth as well as more efficiently integrate it into our broader cloud go-to-market motions. While we will still sell into and support the SMB market, our focus is on enterprise.

“As to the site, Raleigh certainly remains a strategic location for Citrix. The area possesses great technology talent and is an attractive location for our employee population. We remain invested in the community – for example, we continue to offer STEM scholarship opportunities at local universities, and are making and continue to make many roles there global Citrix roles, not just ShareFile roles. For example, earlier this year we established a global demand generation function in Raleigh, and the head of our cloud operations engineering team is Raleigh based.

“Because notifications are ongoing across the globe and out of respect for those impacted, we are not sharing the number of impacted employees globally or in any specific location.

“These decisions, although difficult, allow us to accelerate our transformation and to reinvest in the new skills, teams and business processes throughout the organization that will ensure that our company continues to grow and deliver long-term value for our customers, partners, employees and shareholders.”