Travis Janovich, founder and chief executive officer of Morrisville-based Etix, stepped aside as CEO on Tuesday.

Janovich named a successor and said he would remain chairman of the company.

Joe Kustelski, the firm’s chief product officer, was elevated to the CEO spot. He joined Etix in January 2011 when Etix acquired Rockhouse Partners in Nashville, Tenn. Kustelski was a co-founder and led product development and technology of Rockhouse.

Tawn Albright, the other co-founder of Rockhouse, was named executive vice president of Etix and will continue to oversee Rockhouse.

Etix says it is the biggest privately held ticking company in North America.

“I founded Etix back in 2000 with the idea that we could fundamentally disrupt and improve the ticketing industry, and the team here at Etix has done exactly that,” Janovich said in a statement.

“I could not be happier to elevate Joe Kustelski to the position of CEO to continue the great work that our team has done. As we look at where the ticketing industry is headed, companies that are focused on technology, marketing and customer service are the ones that will be best positioned for growth, and those are precisely the areas where Joe and Tawn will add the most value to the current Etix team.”

Etix says it has been profitable for 27 consecutive quarters and has more than 4,000 clients.