Venture conferences obviously highlight new and emerging companies. Now, the Internet Summit is reaching out to bring more attention to entrepreneurs.

New and emerging companies will receive additional attention through the “Startup Summit,” which will highlight companies hoping to become the next net success stories.

The Startup Summit is part of the Internet Summit, which is set for Nov. 6-8 in Raleigh. 

Startups already scheduled to demo include:

  • AnswerHub
  • ArchiveSocial
  • BoostSuite
  • BrightContext
  • Gema Touch
  • Monacares
  • The Social Radio
  • WedPics
  • Windsor Circle

The Skinny caught up with Scott Hedrick, co-founder and executive director of Tech Media, which puts on the annual Internet event and as well as a major venture conference each year. (This year’s Southeast Venture Conference is moving to Charlotte, which we reported last week.)

What’s behind the decision to add the Startup Summit? Were people asking for the addition?

Several reasons contributed to this. We’ve always had some Startup related content at the conference, but why expand that portion?

1. Adding more value for Internet Summit attendees and improving their experience on-site.

2. A desire to help facilitate connections that go beyond the conference.

3. Quality companies from the area that deserve to be highlighted.

4. A desire to promote innovation and the resultant economic growth in the region

What can entrepreneurs and entrepreneur wannabes expect to gain from attending?

First, we find the most value in these events from entrepreneurs is the networking and connections that are possible. Not just to potential investors, but to the entire ecosystem which furthers their growth.

Beyond that, we’ve brought in some really smart speakers to provide insights on the most pressing topics facing startups.

Our immediate goal would be that everyone attending takes home something that makes their business stronger.

The entire program for the event features what looks to be an impressive list of speakers.

Thanks, we’re really pleased with the lineup of speakers, a good mix of seasoned entrepreneurs, VCs and incubators.

Southern Capitol is a partner on this event as has assisted in a variety of ways, but that’s nothing new for those guys. We find them to be an incredible source for emerging high-growth companies.

The Program

The Startup Summit opens on Nov. 6. Here’s the agenda. Note the emphasis on funding and “founder stories.”

Tuesday, Nov. 6

1:00pm – 2:00pm Panel: Art of the Start
2:15pm – 3:15pm Panel: Seed Capital
3:30pm – 4:30pm Panel: Entrepreneur’s Seed Stage Perspective
4:45pm – 5:30pm Founder Stories
5:45pm – 7:00pm Company Presentations

Wednesday, Nov. 7

8:00am – 9:30am Company Presentations
9:40am – 10:35am Panel: VC Perspective
10:45am – 11:15am Presentation: Getting to Market
11:15am – 11:45am Presentation: Money Ball

SEVC Update

Looking ahead to the SEVC, Hedrick said the company is pleased to be headed to Charlotte.

We will be in Charlotte at the Ritz on March 13-14. This is an event that moves around the Southeast every year and we thought the timing was great to bring Charlotte into the fold. In addition to an emerging tech scene, it offers unparalleled access to the hot-beds of Atlanta and RTP with a first class airport for those coming from outside the region. We’re excited about the opportunity and think it can provide quite a bit of benefit to not only Charlotte but the NC tech scene as a whole.