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Triangle Startup Factory Graduates Five Companies – Then What?

Triangle Startup Factory will release five completely and robustly accelerated companies out into the wild tomorrow. They are Alekto, Offline Media, AIP, PopUp, and Able Device, and I can assure you that they’ve all been ridiculously busy molding their companies into viability. It’s a big deal. TSF’s Chris Heivly and Dave Neal pull in investors from all over the country, there’s a huge turnout, and it’s a one-of-a-kind event here in the Triangle. Also yeah, sorry, the thing is sold out. So tomorrow, starting at TSF’s Pitch Day, you’ll hear a whole lot more about these five companies and...

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Can Duke’s InCube Turn College Students Into Successful Entrepreneurs?

What happens when you take about two dozen entrepreneurial-minded college students, put them in the same dorm and tell them to start a business of their choosing? Duke University is about to find out. Now in it’s second year, Duke’s InCube is a university-funded incubator that provides select undergraduate entrepreneurs with the shot to launch their own startup. The only catch (and there’s always one, right?) is that this isn’t a place for students who someday-maybe-hopefully-if-they’re-lucky will start a business. No, this is for students who have a solid idea, some serious drive and want customers NOW. Run by...

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Triangle Startup Factory Picks Six Startups for Fall Session

Chris Heivly and I hadn’t chatted for more than two minutes since the TSF demo day back in June (which happened to be one of the first articles we ever ran). This is pretty much my fault. So after getting word about the new round of company selections, I gave him a ring and asked him how he was doing. “I’m excited. It’s day one. It’s like sending your kid to school on the first day.” The thing he’s most excited about is the diversity of the six companies selected, how different they are from one another and how...

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Chapel Hill Joins the Startup Party

“Chapel Hill’s a nice place to live, but I wouldn’t want to start a business there.” At least, that’s the sense I get from my Chapel Hill friends, who worry the town focuses too much on maintaining its (admittedly amazing) lifestyle and not enough on growth. Case in point: Chapel Hill wants to charge $760 to operate a food truck. In Durham, it costs just $75. But there’s a new incubator in town, coming to the space 3 Birds Marketing currently occupies. If you can think of an incubator/bird joke here, feel free to mentally insert that now. Under...

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