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Arcametrics is Succeeding Quietly

Arcametrics is one of those startups that I’ve come into contact with several times, mentioned in an article or two, but never really got to know. Don’t blame me, they’re quiet — quiet in the sense that they don’t make a lot of noise around what they’re doing, but when people see what they’re up to, the value is kind of obvious. It’s the kind of thing you really don’t have to talk about. But for the record, Arcametrics’ proprietary technology looks for patterns to tie together anonymous online behavioral data with offline transactional data. They find audiences that...

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Zero Budget Marketing

Constraints are a good thing. They force us to think creatively, become innovative and operate in a highly efficient manner. They’re also frustrating as hell. Wanting to do something and not being able to do it because you don’t have the resources is enough to make you want to pull your hair out. But as entrepreneurs we all face the same problem: Accomplishing more with less. As a marketing guy, I’m regularly asked by early-stage founders about the best methods for acquiring customers on nonexistent budgets. The unfortunate truth is that there are no silver bullet answers. However with...

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If Advertising Your Early-Stage Startup is a Bad Idea, Then What’s a Good One?

A few weeks ago I spent a good six hundred words bitching about how advertising your early-stage startup is a terrible idea. Surprisingly, I only heard one “you’re an idiot” in response via Twitter, but it was a well taken point. If advertising your early-stage company is a bad idea, then what are the good ideas? OK, I’ll bite. Here’s my thoughts: Establish a baseline. As an early-stage company you have no idea who your real customers are, why they will buy or how they’re going to behave. You have some vague ideas – really, hypotheses – but you...

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