CARY – Epic Games majority owner and CEO Tim Sweeney is keeping a close eye on his company’s court case against Google, attending the antitrust trial in San Francisco every day. So reports Sean Hollister for TheVerge who also is in constant attendance in federal court.

“I casually ambushed Epic co-founder and CEO Tim Sweeney in the hallway the other day, because yes, he’s still here all day every day in court watching the whole thing unfold,” Hollister reported Wednesday.

“He told me I got the exclamation points right in this story, which made me LOL. Later, I saw him laughing at one of our Verge [trivia] bingo cards, asking a colleague if anyone’s said ‘Metaverse’ yet. I don’t think they have?”

The trial on Wednesday also featured a focus on Motorola (owned by Lenovo) and its dealings with Google.

For the latest on the trial, check out TheVerge. 

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