CARY — Viably, a company that helps ecommerce businesses with their finances, has big news today with a new product offering supported by new funding.

The company today shared the launch of a new product called Viably Wholesaler Accelerator. This product is specifically designed to help wholesalers on Amazon get the funding they need to grow their business on the platform. The Accelerator is being funded by a $50 million loan secured from Viola Credit, also announced today, allowing Viably the resources to fuel the wholesaler market.

Wholesalers play a crucial role in Amazon’s ecosystem, but they often struggle due to having money tied up in inventory purchases. This limits their ability to expand and slows down their cash flow. Viably’s new product aims to solve this problem by providing tailored working capital plans for wholesalers. The company also offers banking services, with an effort to cross convenience with real human interactions.

“With the free growth tools and funding products available through Viably and our partnership with Viola Credit, we are now better equipped to support wholesalers and ecommerce entrepreneurs on their journey to success,” said Doron Gordon, Founder and CEO of Viably in today’s press release. “We can offer our customers more funding on fair terms and competitive rates, ensuring that ecommerce founders have access to the financial resources they need to scale without sacrificing equity or security.”

Cary-based entrepreneur with a previous $350M exit (Samanage) secures $21M for new startup

Funding Success

Viola Credit is part of Israeli-based Viola Group, a technology-focused investor with over $5 billion in assets. Viably’s Gordon has previously found support from the Viola Venture’s arm of the investment company during his successful run as CEO of Samange, which was purchased by SolarWinds in 2019. Viably also recieved funding from Viola in their $21 million seed round last year. Local investment also contributed to the seed round, with Bull City Ventures participating and the company included on the Triangle Tweener Fund.
“I always wanted to work with people like Jason and Scot, for so long, even since the early days of Samanage,” said Gordon in 2022. “So we’re fortunate to have both Bull City Ventures and the Tweener Fund backing us, and definitely looking to tap into their experience and insights.”
Those insights seem to be working.