COLFAX, N.C. — Quantum Materials, a company known for its innovative textile solutions, announced on Tuesday that is has acquired the Innegra™ portfolio of high-performance fibers and materials.

The Innegra portfolio, known for its lightweight and versatile synthetic fiber, can be used on its own or combined with other materials to enhance performance. It is applicable to a wide range of applications, including footwear, sporting goods, and military products, and can be found in the automotive and aerospace industries. The acquisition will help Quantum expand its offerings in the composite and textile markets.

Quantum has been investing in its manufacturing assets to meet the growing demand for domestic textile production. This expansion has made the company well-positioned to integrate the Innegra business into its operations and continue serving its existing customer base. Allen Smith, CEO of QTI Fibers, Quantum’s parent company, expressed his excitement about the acquisition and the opportunities it presents for the company’s vision of being an industry leader in technical textile solutions.

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“For over 15 years, Innegra has been effectively used across a wide range of composite applications. We are excited to incorporate Innegra and its patented range of fibers and materials into our product portfolio,” said Smith in the press release.

Innegra will be showcased at the upcoming CamX show in Atlanta, where Quantum will exhibit its latest offerings. The event runs from October 31 through November 2.