DURHAM — Cell Microsystems, Inc. filed with the SEC on Monday, disclosing $6.5 million in equity funding from one investor. According to the filing, the company is aiming to raise a total of $13 million dollars, seeking another $6.5 million in funding.

Last week the company announced the acquisition of Fluxion Biosciences, a company developing patch clamp and cell-based assay tools. The acquisition includes the addition of new cell analysis solutions, including Fluxion’s IonFlux, IsoFlux, and BioFlux products. The press release stated that the Fluxion team will join Cell Microsystems.

“We are excited to merge our efforts with Cell Microsystems,” commented former Fluxion CEO Jeff Jensen. “Our shared vision of advancing cellular analysis tools will push the boundaries of cell behavior understanding, ultimately contributing to advancements in disease research and drug discovery.”

Concurrent to the acquisition the company announced Series B financing led by Telegraph Hill Partners. This financing, and any additional funds, will provide growth capital as the team expands its cellular analysis toolkit.

Cell Microsystems is a biotechnology company that has created the CellRaft® technology, a solution for single-cell cloning, cell culture, analysis, and isolation. The company advertises CellRaft applications in CRISPR, genomics, and stem cell colony generation.

Cell Microsystems raises $12.6M, including $10M from San Francisco VC

Started in 2021, the company previously raised more than $12.6 million in late 2021, also in equity funding.

President and CEO Gary Pace signed this SEC filing which also stated that “Other than the payment of salaries and other compensation and benefits, no officer, director, manager or promoter will receive any payments from the proceeds of this offering.”