CHAPEL HILL – Keona Health, Inc. last week filed for their largest-ever public disclosure of funds. The SEC filing shows that the company has raised nearly $4.7 in equity funding from a single investor.

The company last took on debt funding totaling $750,000 in 2021. Prior to that they received an undisclosed amount of funding from a New York Venture Capital group, Riverside Acceleration Capital in the spring of 2020. The company also raised more than $2.5 million in equity funding in 2014.

Chapel Hill software startup Keona Health lands a funding boost

Keona Health is focused on Healthcare CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services. In particular, the company offers products to try to streamline processes for patients, including scheduling, triage, and knowledge and messaging resources. According to their website, the company is taking advantage of AI for streamlining processes and improving patient experiences.

The filing of last week was signed by Keona CEO Oakkar Oakkar, who helped launch the company alongside Javed Mostafa, a professor of Information Science at UNC-CH in 2011. The company has strong local ties; they participated in the LaunchBox Digital Accelerator program and received a 2011 NC IDEA grant.