RALEIGH – Nine investors, including several new ones, are banking on Gradient Health, a startup aiming to improve medical imaging through the use of artificial intelligence.

The startup announced early Tuesday it has raised $2.75 million in a new round of venture capital.

“We are thrilled to have secured $2.75 million in funding, which will accelerate our mission to transform medical AI data sharing”, said Josh Miller, Gradient CEO, in the announcement. “This investment will allow us to continue assembling the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of annotated medical imaging data. With this dataset, we aim to revolutionize medical research, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.”

Leading the round in ReMY Investors & Consultants. The new backers include Triangle Tweener Fund, Boro Capital, Supernode Ventures, MedMountain Ventures, David Golan, and Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund (SV2). Previous funders VentureSouth and Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health also participated.

Here’s how Gradient explains its technology:

“The company’s platform offers a range of powerful features designed to facilitate compliant research and seamless collaborations. It employs state-of-the-art security measures to ensure the privacy and compliance of sensitive patient information. Additionally, it provides advanced tools for developers including machine-learning-ready formatting, the ability to search by diseases and imaging modality.”

Gradient touts the role it can play in expanding use of AI in health:

“One of the biggest barriers to accelerating AI development is access to large datasets of pathologies. With Gradient Health you have access to over 300M+ diverse and standardized patient studies. We are a full-package, one-stop shop for medical imaging data.”

Samples of Gradient data. (Gradient image)

Shana Barghouti, Co-CIO at ReMY Investors & Consultants, said Gradient is “building the data layer that will underpin all future medical AI. We’ve been impressed by the team, the vision, and the progress that the team has made already. Gradient Health are building capabilities that will allow for rapid and game-changing advancements in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.”

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