DURHAM – Gradient Health, a startup aiming to improve medical imaging through the use of artificial intelligence, is finding plenty of investors for a new round of capital.

In an SEC filing, Gradient disclosed that it has raised more than $2.325 million in equity from 24 investors.

The company is looking to raise $2.5 million.

Here’s how the company defines its mission at LinkedIn:

“Gradient Health partners with medical data providers around the globe to curate pathologies for AI research labs and corporations so that they can focus on their core business: develop great AI products that save lives.

  • “We bridge the gap of the 3 main pillars of building AI:
  • “Data: Access to millions of anonymized images around the globe.
  • “Labeling Services: Access to dozens of US board-certified and expert radiologists from Brazil.
  • “Labeling Tool: A labeling tool created by radiologists for radiologists.”

More about Gradient Health:

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