GREENSBORO –  Boom Supersonic says it will utilize 5 million gallons a year of carbon-neutral fuels based on recycled carbon dioxide once it begins flight tests of the super fast jets that to be built in the Triad.

The sustainable aviation fuel is known as SAF.

The airliner manufacturer says is Overture jets “will fly at speeds twice as fast as today’s commercial jets on 100% SAF.”

Boom Supersonic  announced a deal to buy SAF from Dimensional Energy earlier this week.

“At Boom, we believe sustainable aviation fuel will be essential to the transformation of air travel,” said Kathy Savitt, Boom’s CEO. “Our new collaboration with Dimensional Energy represents another important step to making sustainable supersonic flight a reality for millions of passengers in the coming years.”

Dimensional Energy  produces carbon neutral fuels and products by recycling carbon dioxide.