Editor’s note: Durham-based startup Wrangle is announcing $2 million in new funding today as it continues to grow demand for a product suite targeting the widely popular Slack collaboration software. Co-founder Adam Smith reached out to TechWire ahead of the news to tout more cash – and more jobs. “We had a big year in 2022, with 5x revenue growth and over 150K+ workflows launched. We are expanding from just workflows, launching a New Slack-integrated ticketing system addresses unmet needs for IT/ops leaders in hybrid workplaces,” Smith said. “Now we are looking to change how companies handle internal requests from other teams by building a conversational ticketing and workflow engine.” In a blog post, Smith and team explain what’s happening.


DURHAM – We are excited to announce that Wrangle has raised an oversubscribed $2M seed round led by Accomplice, who was joined by other new investors, including Correlation Ventures and the [Triangle] Tweener Fund. Existing investors Bloomberg Beta, Eniac Ventures, Liquid 2 Ventures, and TDF Ventures all participated, building on our pre-seed round last year.

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Wrangle is a modern conversational workflow engine, helping automate a company’s workflows, approvals, and tickets in Slack. 2022 was a big year for Wrangle’s no-code workflows in Slack, with revenue growth of 5x year-over-year. Last year, Wrangle powered over 150,000 workflows, approvals, and tasks. Now we have our sights set on disrupting the broken world of ticketing.

We’re excited to use this new funding to build on what we are launching today: a new kind of ticketing system made for where teams work — in Slack.

Wrangle is a shared inbox for operations, IT, HR, and more

There are many teams that are behind the scenes, keeping the rest of the company going. They get inundated with requests from their colleagues, usually in a busy Slack channel.

We launched Wrangle as a tool for these teams to track and manage these requests. Our users automate common workflows like employee onboarding, IT access requests, and purchase approvals. Entirely within Slack, users can offer intake forms for requesting help, approve requests, and assign tasks to their team so nothing slips through the cracks.

Today, we’re launching a new ticketing help desk component to Wrangle. By combining our workflows and ticketing, Wrangle becomes the ultimate inbox for your team. You can turn any inbound Slack message into a ticket for questions and problems. Then, you can use Wrangle workflows to automatically handle any recurring requests — all in the place where your colleagues are already asking for help.

A new kind of internal help desk for a new kind of work

According to the US Census Bureau, over 40% of Americans are now hybrid working, while the number of people primarily working from home tripled between 2019 and 2021. As a result, employees have turned to chat apps, driving an explosion in usage for Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Discord (over 400mm daily active users combined).

However, chat platforms are a hard place to track requests from other teams. Requests come into many channels and DMs, and managers can’t track them. Messages are too easy to miss in busy conversations. And there’s no way to assign and track the work without duplicating it into a project management tool or external ticketing system.

It’s time for a new kind of help desk.

People typically aren’t excited about using a help desk — no one wants to go to a web portal and file a ticket only for it to disappear with no feedback. We’re changing that.

Launching a ticket is now as easy as sending a Slack message. Wrangle automatically tracks the message as a ticket, backed by a web dashboard that agents can monitor to make sure no work gets dropped. Your users don’t have to leave Slack to get help.

Even better, Wrangle makes the ticketing process far more transparent. With Wrangle, tickets get posted in a thread, where everyone can see the status and the conversation about the issue. No more nagging the agent about what’s happening with your ticket, and no more CC’ing interested parties.

Finally, Wrangle makes sure no work gets dropped and that you have data about how your team is doing. With automated reminders, you can ensure no work slips through the cracks. And you can use web reports and data exports to show your response time and activity levels.

The future of Wrangle

We’re excited to use this new funding to make life better for the teams that support other teams.

You can try out Wrangle’s workflows and help desk today. Try it in your Slack workspace or schedule a personal demo. We’re also growing the team. Check out our careers page and join us.