Labor market woes: Triangle job openings keep dropping – down 27% from year ago | WRAL TechWire

Labor market woes: Triangle job openings keep dropping – down 27% from year ago

Labor market woes: Triangle job openings keep dropping – down 27% from year ago

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK — Job openings in the Triangle hit a new low this week, according to the most recent edition of the WRAL TechWire Jobs Report. The total number of postings fell to the lowest since WRAL began tracking this data two years ago — to 256,202 postings total (not accounting for post duplications).

The declining numbers contrast sharply with the overall jobs market nationally. As Dr. Mike Walden, economist at N.C. State, wrote last week: “The labor market continues to gain.  Although job growth is not as strong as immediately after the pandemic, jobs are being added at a healthy pace.  The unemployment rate is now 3.4%, the lowest since 1953 (when I was two-years old).   A broader measure of the jobless rate, which also includes people who have stopped looking for work, has been trending downward.”

But the regional decline in job openings seems to match the current mood about economic conditions, especially as tech companies embrace the notion of “do more with less.” As highlighted in a recent CNBC article, Alphabet’s business chief Philipp Schindler referred to a “macro environment of ‘do more with less'” during an earnings call in late April. Since, the “do more with less” maxim has been heard in earning calls from multiple tech companies, according to the article.

This trending phrase underscores the industry’s shift towards maximizing efficiency and productivity amidst current economic conditions.

If the latest job numbers are any indication, then companies in the region are following suit by slowing down on hiring. Job openings have been declining weekly since March and are down almost 27% compared to last year.

Here’s a look at the numbers for this week:

The numbers do not account for duplications in postings.


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