RALEIGH — Bryn Pharma has appointed a new Chief Operating Officer, the company announced earlier this week. This announcement comes just two weeks after the company named a new CEO.

Raleigh-based Bryn Pharma is a privately held pharmaceutical company focused on creating a new treatment for anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Their signature device, UTULY, is a needle-free epinephrine nasal spray that could become an alternative to the commonly-prescribed EpiPen.

According to the press release, the new COO, James “Jim” Borneman, will be responsible for “day-to-day operational oversight” as Bryn prepares for the FDA approval and launch of UTULY.

The release also said that Borneman has participated in multiple new product launches during his career and that his experience in commercialization is expected to be “essential” as Bryn prepares to launch UTULY.

New CEO Sandy Loreaux took over on March 13. The former CEO, Dr. David Dworaczyk, stepped down into a role as senior advisor and head of R&D.

Raleigh-based Bryn Pharma brings on new CEO to help launch EpiPen alternative