Report: Fewer people in NC are quitting their jobs; Triangle openings hit new low | WRAL TechWire

Report: Fewer people in NC are quitting their jobs; Triangle openings hit new low

Report: Fewer people in NC are quitting their jobs; Triangle openings hit new low

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – The latest edition of the WRAL TechWire Jobs Report reveals another drop in the total number of local job listings—to the lowest total number of postings for 2023 and the lowest total since a revamped Jobs Report launched one year ago. But there may be reasons for the drop other than layoffs and job cuts. Fewer people, for example, are quitting their jobs.

A new report out from financial news site WalletHub finds that North Carolina ranks 23rd in job resignations at just 2.5%. That’s considerably higher than a year earlier when the state ranked 12th. And in early 2022 North Carolina ranked eighth.

Over the last 112 months the resignation rate is 3.12%.

The state ranks 9th in terms of population.

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However, quit rates are 3% or higher in the top 10 rankings and in several cases the rate is higher than over the last 12 months.

“The main factor behind the increased quit rates is simply the red-hot labor market. The numbers of job openings are at record levels,” says Matthew Bidwell, Professor of Management, The Wharton School – The University of Pennsylvania. “The high resignation levels are not people leaving the workforce. They are from people leaving to get better jobs elsewhere since it is so much easier to find a new job than it ever has been before.”

With fewer people quitting in North Carolina, the fewer the number of open jobs.


The numbers do not account for duplications in postings.



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