CARY – Bandcamp, a streaming music platform owned by Epic Games, is the latest tech organization to see employees attempt to unionize.

Employees of Bandcamp have formed the “Bandcamp United” union to address working conditions and “hold Bandcamp accountable to the independent artists and labels who use it,” according to their mission statement.

The 62-person unit, consisting of engineers, writers, project managers, support staff, and designers, has affiliated with Tech Workers Union Local 1010 of the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU).

According to an article this week in Insider, recent tech layoffs and tough economic conditions could inspire workers at more tech companies to unionize.

“These layoffs are a huge culminating moment where that rose tinted glasses, it’s just getting absolutely shattered,” said Emma Kinema, a lead organizer at Code-CWA, in the article. “And so in many ways, it really just helps bring about a tipping point in this industry where people are already starting to normalize the idea of organizing.”

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In a statement to Rolling Stone, Ethan Diamond, Bandcamp’s co-founder and CEO, said, “We are aware that some Bandcamp employees are seeking to organize a union. Employees have a right to organize and we are reviewing the petition to understand their concerns.”

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Bandcamp, owned by Epic Games

Epic Games purchased Bandcamp in March of 2022, and some fans of Bandcamp reacted negatively to the news.

Rolling Stone describes Bandcamp as “an artist-friendly alternative to platforms like Spotify and Apple Music that caters to independent artists and labels.”

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The Bandcamp website explains that purchases made on Bandcamp “directly” benefit the artist or their label, with something like 82 percent of the money going to them. (Bandcamp’s revenue share is 15 percent for digital sales, and 10 percent for physical items, but those fees are reduced for higher-volume sellers and higher-dollar items.)

The Bandcamp United website features testimonials from Bandcamp employees who “stand with” the union.

One testimonial, attributed to “Cameron, Support Specialist,” states, “I am excited to win our union so we are able to continue our mission to put artists first and can hire and retain people dedicated to making that happen.”