CARY – Epic Games’ latest acquisition – this time popular music streaming site Bandcamp – is another step in creating a multi-facted metaverse from video to virtual reality and music, but the deal has triggered a mix of reactions, if you will.

Epic CEO and founder Tim Sweeney loves the deal, of course.

“This an amazing company with an amazing service for music lovers and musicians. The Bandcamp team has been a constant source of inspiration by helping creatives and fans connect directly. Lots of exciting possibilities for the future,” he tweeted when the deal was announced.

The deal reflects Sweeney’s driving ambition to create entirely digital worlds, and it’s part of what VentureBeat recently described as “transmedia:”

“Transmedia is alive and well in Hollywood, but now it’s moving in the reverse direction. Instead of movies supplying the stories for games, it’s the other way around now.

However …

Here’s a sample of other reaction:

  • From Fast Company:

“Dear Epic Games, please don’t ruin Bandcamp

“In a world of generic music streaming subscriptions, Bandcamp has become the last great refuge for fans who want to buy music from indie artists …”

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  • From The Los Angeles Times:

“What does Bandcamp’s sale to Epic Games mean for independent music?

“[M]usicians and fans have been expressing concern that their beloved platform is on its way to becoming another victim of multinational consolidation …”

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  • From Pitchfork:

“What Bandcamp’s Acquisition by Epic Games Means for Music Fans and Artists

“[Wednesday’s] news that Epic Games bought Bandcamp for an undisclosed sum sent shockwaves through both the gaming and music industries, with the companies’ official statements raising more questions than answers …”

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The Bandcamp deal is the latest in a series of acquisitions by Epic as it builds out that Sweeney-sought  all-encompassing virtual metaverse world. Last year, Epic acquired Harmonix which crreated Dance Central and Rock Band.

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