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DURHAM –  Business and technology consulting leader Clarkston Consulting announced a wide-ranging set of 10-year diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. Developed in partnership with the Diversity Council and senior leaders in the firm, the goals set robust objectives around the core areas of the business including leadership, recruiting, employee engagement, marketing, and more.

Clarkston’s long-term diversity, equity, and inclusion goals include:

  • Representative Partner Group Composition by 2032, ensuring that Partner/Associate Partner representation matches the firm for ethnicity/race, gender identify, and LGBTQ+ identity.
  • Representative Firm Composition by 2032, ensuring firm demographics align with national averages for ethnicity/race, gender identity, and LGBTQ+ identity.
  • Internal Recognition for Trailblazing DE+I Practices, with internal stewards and recruiting candidates identifying Clarkston as leading the consulting industry with DE+I-related policies and practices and as a sought-after firm by a diverse array of candidates.
  • External Recognition for Trailblazing DE+I Practices, with external parties identifying Clarkston as a leading consulting firm that embodies diversity, equity, and inclusion at the core of the firm.

“We have a responsibility to ensure that we provide a consistent and equitable career experience for all of our stewards – one that is inclusive and representative of all our key stakeholders and the community as a whole,” said CEO Tom Finegan. “We will directly align our firm and leadership goals – as well as establish internal and external accountability and reporting – to ensure success.”

Within each of the four 10-year DE+I goals, there are three- and five-year short-term goals to ensure accountability and progress toward achieving these long-term goals. These various short-term goals tie into specific objectives within the larger 10-year goals, and they will be carried out by each individual partner and volunteer stewards within the firm, demonstrating Clarkston’s firm-wide commitment to these DE+I initiatives. All of the goals were created over the course of the last year through a collaborative, iterative process involving firm leadership, stakeholders, and stewards at all levels of the firm. The goals have also been designed with flexibility to allow for future incorporation of other dimensions of diversity, equity, and inclusion, as applicable.

“Clarkston takes great pride in our firm’s diversity and our dedication to creating a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization for our people and our clients,” said President Mike Hackett. “We see this 10-year plan as a concrete step in our continuous DE+I journey, as well as an invaluable opportunity to improve our organizational capabilities, too.”

“Since its founding, our Diversity Council and leadership team have been intentional in pursuing DE+I initiatives that are meaningful, impactful, and sustainable,” said LaToya Lee Jones, Partner and DE+I Chair Emerita. “By democratizing these initiatives – leveraging our stewards as our greatest asset to help achieve these goals – we are also creating a pathway for continued growth and success in the future.”

In the coming months, Clarkston will launch a reporting site for its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Goals, where the firm will provide regular updates on progress toward its three-, five-, and 10-year goals in an effort to ensure transparency and accountability.

“We are committed to sharing our progress openly with our clients, stewards, and communities,” said Irene Birbeck, Partner and Managing Partner of Life Sciences Implementation SBU. “By publishing our progress, we hope to raise the bar for the entire professional services industry.”