WINSTON-SALEM – The New York-based Immunaeon will join the RegeneratOR Innovation AcceleratOR, which is located in the Regenerative Medicine Hub in Winston-Salem.

The company, which will expand its immune cell storage by joining the Innovation AcceleratOR, secured a physical space at the facility, which is abbreviated as the RegenMed Hub.

Immuneaon focuses on immunotherapy with immune cell storage, which it said in a statement is “a preventative measure to store healthy cells against potential future cancers or other diseases.”

“The promise of immunotherapy is in providing curative strategies for cancer patients. By allowing every person to access the most effective cellular starting material, we can help patients live longer, healthier lives,” said Adam Utley, founder and CEO of Immunaeon, in a statement.  “Partnering with WFIRM and the RegeneratOR, we can achieve our goals faster and make a real difference in the immunotherapy landscape.”

The firm’s presence in Winston-Salem will enable it to expand existing research into “cell-based drug development using cryopreserved cells that will allow immunotherapies to be more effective in cancer patients,” the statement noted.

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RegenMed Hub continues to expand

RegenMed Hub is powered by the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM), and is based in the Innovation Quarter of Winston-Salem.   The RegenMedHub is also backed by the RegenMed Development Organization (ReMDO).

“We are looking forward to supporting Immunaeon through access to our Test Bed, where they are already working with an end-to-end modular biomanufacturing facility and exploring collaborations with other Innovation AcceleratOR companies,” said Joshua Hunsberger, PhD, Chief Technology Officer of ReMDO in a statement.

Earlier this year, Epredia and Aiforia joined the RegenMedHub.  And the organization welcomed a former official with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to its team in December.

“Immunaeon joins a strong roster of companies in the Innovation AcceleratOR,” said Anthony Atala, MD, the director of WFIRM in a statement.  “We believe this region has a lot to offer in terms of helping these companies be successful, and, at the same time, we can advance the regenerative medicine field nationally.”

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