CARY – Epic Games continues to provide relief for Ukraine, this time awarded a grant to a game developer that says it will use the funds to help relocate employees from the country’s war-threatened capital of Kyiv.

Epic has already raised more than $140 million in relief funds for Ukraine through its globally popular title Fortnite. 

Frogwares, a 22-year-old company best known for hits Sherlock Holmes games, says it has received one of Epic’s so-called “Mega Grants,” a program the Cary-based company uses to encourage and fund video game developers. The amount of the grant was not disclosed.

“The war has negatively affected our production workflows and led to the partial disorganization of our studio. The funds from the Epic MegaGrant will be crucial in relocating employees to safer areas and will help those who’ve moved to remote regions of Ukraine, or to other nations in the EU, maintain their financial stability,” wrote Alex Striuk of Frogwares in a blog post.

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“As of right now in Ukraine, the war still keeps going. During this time, we as a studio need to feel strong, maintain a positive mindset, and do everything we can to keep the business operating while also providing our team with the support that they require,” he noted.

“We’ve been working hard these past couple of months to renew and maintain the usual pipelines, and the MegaGrant will assist us in supplying our team with specialized equipment that’s vital for game development, and to migrate our data infrastructure,” he added.

Frogwares also has an operation in Ireland.

“In short, the Epic MegaGrant will be used to soften the financial blow from the war and stay on our feet, and we’d like to thank Epic Games for their support during this trying time,” Striuk added.